Notepad++ Goes To Cloud with Dropbox


If you are like me, using Notepad++ as your default notepad, here is a new feature you may not want to miss. Starting in version 6.6.4, there is a new feature that lets you save all your settings in to Dropbox, a way of moving to the cloud.

Assume you are a fan of Dropbox and have it installed on every computer you use, go to Settings → Preferences in your Notepad++, select Cloud section, and check Dropbox option. Click OK, and you are all set. All your Notepad++ settings will be saved and loaded from your Dropbox from this point on.

Notepad++ -Preferences - 2014-06-23 15_16_24

Now, check your Dropbox folder, you will notice a new folder called Notepad++ created there that saves all your Notepad++ settings.

Notepad++ folder in Dropbox

Do the same on other computers you are using both Dropbox and Notepad++, and you will have the exact same settings without configuring them in the first place.

At this point, only Dropbox is supported. I believe there will be more cloud service added into this category to make this new integration more widely used.



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