NoW Deal: VPN Unlimited Free for 6 Months – Ends May 19, 2017 is a very simple VPN application that allows you to set up secure VPN connection in 20 seconds or less. The service offers 18 locations to choose fromĀ USA, UK, Canada, France, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Ukraine, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel and South Korea and has the feature to cover your track to surf the web anonymously, mask your location, spoof the geo-IP location, etc.

And since you are a friend of Next of Windows, you can have this service free for 6 months. No string attached, the 6-month free period starts automatically when you install the app on your own devices, as long as you do so before the day ends on May 19, 2017. supports almost all major platforms, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc. You can find the download link below:

It also provides detailed instruction how to set it up on these platforms as well:

Kent Chen

Microsoft MVP, IT Professional, Developer, Geek, and the co-founder of Next of Windows.

Last updated: 05/17/2017

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Greetings ALL!
Dear Kent, thank you for posting this offer!

I just wanted to add, if someone is having problems with getting free time or VPN connection, please contact [email protected] or post your question here in comments, we will be glad to help!


I missed the cut off date cuz I just found this page. Oh well….Will there be another offer for 6 months free of VPN/windows?