OCR Text From Image with Photo Scan App on Windows 10


OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that extracts text out of a scanned document, a photo of a document, or an image with embedded text. It’s a great feature to have but Windows doesn’t have one out of the box.

Photo Scan App (store link) is a Windows 10 universal app that lets you extract text from images or photos in a very easy and efficient way. Simply launch the app, pick an image, and you will have all the text extract from the image right away.


If you are using the app on a tablet with a camera, you can scan the material using the camera with the app and have the text extracted right after.

Once the text is extracted and shown in the app, you can save them to a file in a various of formats, pure text format, rich format, or HTML file. You can also copy them to the clipboard so you can paste them in the other application.


Notice that Speaker icon on the toolbar and guess what it does? Yes, it’s a speech feature that reads out all extracted text for you.


By default, the app runs in Dark theme with Link Break enabled in text view but you can change them in the Settings page.


Also, to make things easier, you can send any image to Photo Scan app right from the right-click context menu. Right-click the image, go to Open with, and choose Photo Scan.


Photo Scan App on Windows 10 is completely free with minimum ads which can be removed with an in-app purchase.



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