Office 2013 Quick Tip: How To Turn On/Off The Touch Mode


Office 2013 applications are made and optimized for both touch and non-touch screens with 2 different display modes, Mouse and Touch. Touch Mode spaces the buttons a little farther apart on the screen so it’s easier to tap using your finger tips.

You can basically toggle between these 2 display modes by tapping or clicking the Touch Mode button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Office Touch Mode

However, if you don’t see the Touch Mode button listed on the Quick Access Toolbar, click the little down arrow and select Touch/Mouse Mode from the dropdown list.

Office - add Touch Mode to Quick Access Bar

If you don’t see Touch/Mouse Mode from the list, click More Commands…, then under Popular commands, click/tap Touch/Mouse Mode, and click/tap Add.

The Touch/Mouse mode in Office applies to all Office applications. If you have Word, Excel, and Outlook installed on your computer, turning on Touch Mode in either of the application actually turns it on all other applications.



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