Oh Yeah ! Windows 7 Running on iPad [Video]


Well, sort of. Technically no, you aren’t running the OS on top of iPad, because if that’s the case you are probably seeing the slate from HP. So this is the iPad, and Steve Job won’t possibly even allow his precious device getting anywhere close to the Windows OS.

The truth is, this iPad is running a VNC Client and that’s connecting to the host which happens to be a running Windows 7. As you can see the performance aren’t so great yet, possibility if the iPad uses RDP would probably be better off. alg_ipad

Just a few quick note here, VNC is short for Virtual Networking Computing. RDP is short of Remote Desktop Protocol, which is designed only for Microsoft Windows connection. VNC can be hosted on almost all OS, Windows, Mac, Linux. However, RDP can only set connection to Windows.

[source via gizmodo]



  1. i’m waiting for an app similar to Wyse for the iPhone to come out for the iPad since i believe that VNC will be a whole new experience on the iDevice since i *hope* that it will take advantage of multi-touch capabilities and the 9.7″ screen.


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