One Commander – A Slick Reimagined File Explorer For Windows


One Commander, previously called bitCommander, a Kickstarter funded project, is a re-imagined slick-looking File Explorer for Windows with improved functionality and new ways of folder navigation and file manipulation.

There are a lot of new eye-opening features included in this Windows Explorer alternative. And here are a few of them I like the most.

The nested tab on folder structure


If you are navigating a folder structure that consists of at least 5 levels of folders, what’s better than having all 5 levels all presented right in front of your eyes? The nested tabs on different file levels just make folder structure clearly visible to you.

Intelligent use of screen space


It doesn’t matter how big or small your screen is. One Commander can automatically resize all folder levels to fit available space that’s assigned to it. Better, if the folder list become too narrow, hovering on it will automatically expand it so you don’t have to do the horizontal scrolling anymore.

Even better, if a folder name or file name doesn’t fit panel size, it will be intelligently shortened with a more human-friendly name.

Quick filtering


Pressing a keyboard letter anytime filters the current list of files and folders. Continue typing to filter by words. Press * or Backspace to clear the filter. I guess this indeed is more efficient than a search feature in Windows, doesn’t it?

“To Do” tasks in any folder


It’s getting more interesting. Just see the animated GIF above to get the idea how it works. Not sure how useful it will be, but it sounds interesting enough to make a better work flow or something?

Smart Drag & Drop


File moving and copying in classic File Explorer in Windows isn’t that intuitive. The smart drag & drop in One Commander works better. You can drag a file and drop it to a folder 5 levels up.

If you want to move or copy different files from different folders into a single folder, you can collect them all in a Drop List, a smarter clipboard, before moving or copying.

Impressed yet?

I am impressed. I am not a fan to those Windows Explorer alternatives but this, I might even start using it to see what I can benefit from it.

One Commander is completely free and portable. It requires Windows 7 and 8 with a latest .Net 4.5 and VS2012 run-time installed. It’s labelled as “beta” but should work just fine on your Windows.


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