OneNote MX Available on Windows Store As Native Metro App


That was quick. Almost right after the announce of public release of Office 2013, Microsoft released OneNote MX, the native Metro App version of OneNote, to the Windows Store. The preview version of this OneNote is reimagined exclusively for Windows 8 with tightly integrated to the cloud, namely SkyDrive.

OneNote MX Screenshot  1 thumb - OneNote MX Available on Windows Store As Native Metro App

The app comes with almost full features existed in the full version of OneNote desktop version. You can manage multiple Notebooks, multiple sections in each notebook, and multiple pages in each section. You can draw, type, click, or swipe within the page to jot or organize your thoughts. You can also take pictures, customize formatting, and full-text search your notes in any of your notebooks. It also supports Windows 8’s Metro Snap View that allows OneNote to share the screen space with other apps.

OneNote MX is fully integrate with your live account’s SkyDrive. I have a couple of OneNote notebooks saved on my OneNote Desktop version sync’d on my Live account’s SkyDrive space. When I opened OneNote MX on my Windows 8 machine, I was impressed that the app automatically linked and checked my SkyDrive space and pulled both my notebooks off into the app. Quite seamlessly with extra effort, I am using an app that automatically saves a backup copy to the cloud.

If you have Windows 8 machine, you can download this app from Windows Store directly from here. The preview version still remains free at the moment. I only wish it will remain as free when the full version comes out late this year.


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