Optimizing Your Laptop Battery Life with this Battery Optimizer in Windows 7 and 8


The default Battery Optimizer that comes with Windows has already included a lot of necessary settings to get a better battery life from a portable device but this Battery Optimizer is a freeware that brings more on the table to help people fix a common issue existed in most of Windows powered laptop, the short battery life.

Battery Optimizer

Unlike many other battery related tools that just help you get better managing how battery should work when your computer goes to sleep, or hibernate, Battery Optimizer digs a few inches deeper by telling you how much minutes of your batter you are going to save by tuning certain features or services of your laptop off. And you can save these settings as a profile so that you can easily and quickly switch it over when needed in the future.

The first thing you need to do once you have it installed on your computer is to Run Diagnostic from the Diagnostic tab to let the tool to get know better of your computer system and setup. The diagnostic process may take quite a few minutes to finish depending on the setup. It will automatically turn of and off certain hardware like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, and any external peripherals, as well as adjusting screen brightness. The optimization is completely based on the result from this diagnostic process. So it’s important to be patient letting it run completely.

Battery Optimizer - diagnostic

Once the tool has a better understanding of your computer setup, its Monitoring function kicks in automatically helping you keep eyes on how your battery performs over the time. It can be set to automatically alert you when the batter usage increases or drops in a certain percentage.

Battery Optimizer - Monitoring

Battery Optimizer works on all major Windows systems, from XP and above, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. It requires a very minimum hardware requirement and runs in a fairly small footprint in your system.


In most cases, the built-in Battery Optimizer, aka Power Options, should be sufficient to get your batter in the right place. But if you somehow messed up and are having concerns about your battery not running in an optimized way, this Battery Optimizer certainly is going to help you out. I particularly like its advanced monitoring feature and accurate estimates on how much battery life can be gained by tuning certain laptop settings.



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