Optimizing Your SSD for Performance Improvement with Tweak-SSD


Tweak-SSD is a disk utility focusing on optimizing SSD performance on your Windows 7 and Windows 8 system. Though the SSD optimization on both systems are already superb, Tweak-SSD offers some features that can make your already-fast SSD even fast with reduced read/write disk access. It’s designed specifically for Windows 7 and Windows 8 on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. It has a completely free version but unfortunately, the TRIM performance optimizer feature is only included in the Paid version.

Download requires your email address, which shouldn’t be a big deal considering the software vendor does offer some good products like 8StartButton in addition to this SSD tweaker. The installation is easy and straightforward. The inclusion of asking for creating Restore Point during the installation process is thoughtful and useful.

Tweak SSD Setup Create Restore Point - Optimizing Your SSD for Performance Improvement with Tweak-SSD

The main window of Tweak-SSD is easy with an intuitive wizard for optimization process. You can simply hit Start SSD optimization wizard button to start.

Tweak SSD main window - Optimizing Your SSD for Performance Improvement with Tweak-SSD

The wizard will go through a number of optimization options for you to choose from. Every screen includes 2 options with detailed explanation so that users who don’t have much knowledge about SSD can determine whether or not they should turn on/off the options. There is even a Suggest Settings button if you fully trust this optimizer. But here are a few notes that are worth mentioning, in case you overlook them.

  • Windows Prefetcher/Superfetch needs to be turned OFF on Windows 7 systems but can be left ON on Windows 8.
  • Options Keep system files in memory, Use a large system cache, and Don’t limit NTFS memory usage are helpful and should be turned on if you have large physical memory installed.
  • Windows hibernation should be turned OFF on Windows 7 systems but needs to be left ON on Windows 8. Here is why.
  • Send delete notifications to SSD needs to be ON. This is a must-have option that actually tells SSD to mark down those free spaces for further writing access to extend the life span of the SSD.

How good are these optimization? Well, you probably won’t notice any significant improvements with these tweaking options but following these standard optimization point specifically designed for SSD is good for your expensive SSD to run smoothly and healthily for a longer time.



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