Pairing Bluetooth Devices is going to be A lot Easier in Windows 10


To pair a Bluetooth device with your Windows 10 PC, you normally open Settings app, go to Devices > Bluetooth & other devices, and click Add Bluetooth or other device button, and go from there.

Windows 10 - add a bluetooth device

Quite tedious, compared to how it works on iPhones or Android phones. But it gets a lot easier in the upcoming version of Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, this is how it’s going to work when pairing a Bluetooth device in Windows 10.

NotificationPairSmall - Pairing Bluetooth Devices is going to be A lot Easier in Windows 10
Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Core Team Blog

Pairing starts with a popping notification with a Connect button when a new peripheral is nearby and ready to pair. The steps will look like this:

  1. Put the Bluetooth device in pairing mode
  2. If the device is close by, Windows will pop up a notification on Windows 10 desktop
  3. Click Connect button to start the pairing process
  4. When the peripheral is no longer in pairing mode or is no longer nearby, Windows will remove the notification from the Action Center.

The feature apparently first appears in Windows 10 inside build 17088 but only certain enabled devices can trigger this experience, Surface Precision Mouse is the one enabled with this streamlined pairing feature. Microsoft is looking to standardize this new experience in the long term.



  1. Wonderful idea. But, it would also be appreciated if we have the option to turn this off. I’ve got lots of Bluetooth devices in the house and I wouldn’t want a notification popping up every time that someone turns on a device.


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