Paragon Rescue Kit 14 Free Edition


Paragon’s Rescue Kit 14 Free Edition is a pretty good tool set packed with strong backup and restore tools and powerful wizards that will help you to rescue your system and your data when bad things happen. It’s a tool that creates a personal recovery media that boots off a live Linux or WinPE environment where you can perform all these backup/restore tasks to rescue your damaged machine.

Go ahead download the tool from its product page and install it on your computer. The first thing you need to do after it’s launched the first time is to click on Registration button to get a free set of licenses keys required to complete creating the recovery media.

Paragon Rescue Kit™ 14 Free - 2015-02-04 11_26_02

Once you get the license keys in email, click one of the Recovery Media Builder to start the process.

After punching in the product key and serial number, you get to pick which type of media platform you would like to create, WinPE or Linux? Either one works with the same set of tools so there is no real difference between two.

RMB Wizard - 2015-02-04 11_44_01

Plug in the USB if you want to build the recovery image off to a USB disk, or specify the location and name to the ISO image if you would like to create an ISO image file instead.

RMB Wizard - 2015-02-04 11_46_36

Now, it’s time to test it out. Boot it off the recovery media you just created. If it’s a Linux boot media, you get to choose a few boot options, such as:

Rescue Kit Linux

Once booted, here are the tools available for you.

  • Backup/Restore to/from Virtual Disk
  • Backup/Restore to/from physical disk
  • Recover a deleted partition
  • Transfer files from a disk to another
  • Fix boot sector problem
  • Reset password
  • Fixing Registry
  • Etc.

Rescue Kit Tools

If you boot off a WinPE environment, you get the metro style Express Launcher like below.

Rescue Kit 14 Free Edition - Overview - 2015-02-04 12_52_29


Rescue Kit 14 Free Edition is completely free for personal use only. It works on Windows platform from Vista and up, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. It’s a good tool set that could come handy when disaster really happens to your computers. The undelete partition alone will save you tons of times to rebuild the system that can be easily recovered.


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