Password Checkup in Google Chrome


Password Checkup is a Google Chrome extension that automatically checks whether your passwords have been exposed in a data breach known by Google, which includes around 4 billion usernames and passwords, and warns you if it finds any match.

image 13 - Password Checkup in Google Chrome
Photo Credit: The Verge

Once installed, you will see the Password Checkup icon appear in the browser bar. It stays there quietly doing its job unless it finds a match against Google’s database and will send a red alert when that happens. Clicking on the icon will also tell you the current status of the check. If it’s green, you are safe for now.

image 10 600x389 - Password Checkup in Google Chrome

Since the extension relies on sending your credential info over to Google, the company emphasizes that all data is encrypted and that there is no way of seeing your data. And they will never report any identifying information about your accounts, passwords, or device.

You can clear all extension data to remove all stored information about unsafe passwords by going to the Advanced settings.

image 11 - Password Checkup in Google Chrome

If checking through an extension, even by Google doesn’t feel safe for you, or you don’t generally use Google Chrome as your main browser, you can still check whether your passwords are still safe to use against Have I Been Pwned‘s half-billion previously exposed credentials.

image 12 600x256 - Password Checkup in Google Chrome


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