Password Security Scanner from NirSoft


NirSoft, one of our favorite Windows utility developer, released another nifty tool that determines whether your online passwords are secured enough. Password Security Scanner is a new free tool that scans the passwords stored by popular Windows applications (Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and more…) and displays security information about all these passwords. The security information of every stored password includes the total number of characters, number of numeric characters, number of lowercase/uppercase characters, number of repeating characters, and password strength. image The tool works on any version of windows for the following supported applications.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Dialup/VPN passwords of Windows
  • MSN/Windows Messenger
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Windows Live Mail

Password Security Scanner is made only to provide a way of measure how secure your online password is. Therefore, you won’t be able to use the tool to reveal or recover these password. Not really sure why it only supports those applications listed above but not the others. Assuming those not listed are harder to crack?



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