Patch My PC


Keeping all software you have on your Windows system up-to-date at all time is challenge, isn’t it? Unless the new metro app store takes over in a big run that wins, we can only find way to better manage it but not completely eliminate it, just like what Patch My PC does.

Patch My PC is a FREE portable patch management that gives PC users, particularly the windows users, a free and easy solution to patch common 3rd party software that could pose critical vulnerabilities to your PC if un-patched. It checks your system against most of the popular software on the market, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Microsoft, Apple, you name it.

Because it’s a portable tool, you can simply download it from its website, and launch it.


As you can see, you can not only check to see if any of Software needs an update, you can also run the patch directly from the program as well, which is going to make your life a lot easier when seeing many of software needs to be patched.

You can also create the Restore Point right from this tool, which is a good thought from the developer. In case does any of the patch run into the problem, you can easily reverse it by restoring your system to the point before the patches take in place.

Overall, it’s a well-put patch management tool that you can use on your PC to periodically check and patch your Windows PC. I like its portable approach and having many Windows built-in tools included. I only hope the patch list can get longer and longer.




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