PeaZip is a Modern ZIP Utility, an Alternative to WinRAR and 7-zip


If you are still using a decade old WinRAR to handle your compressed files you should really ask yourself why? If you aren’t, good for you. PeaZip is new modern ZIP utility with a slick UI for Windows and Linux. It comes with different flavors for standard installer, 32 bit, 64 bit , and a portable version.

Better UI

Unlike 7zip, it has a richer user interface to manage all the tasks on compression files. It supports all common formats, this include .zip, .rar, .7z. Yes since Windows 7, there is a native zip utility within the Explorer, but the build in zip utility are very limited. This is where 7zip comes and add additional features on top of the existing tool from Microsoft. But 7zip isn’t the most easy to use tool out there. With a better UI, PeaZip is in a different league. I’m more a visual person, if you are like me, you will appreciate this tool.


Out of the box, PeaZip has it’s own file explorer to handle compressed files. There is a big check test button to help you prevent any zip bomb attack on your computer. It has build-in tools to handle and generate password if you ever need to create a password protected compressed files.


There are more format you can choose from to handle different tools.


Faster in Handle Compressions – Benchmarks

PeaZip not only looks fresh, it also have a higher benchmarks compare to some of other competitors. Common extraction and compression test yields the comparison between WinRAR and PeaZip. If you are interested in the detail numbers feel free to head here and check it out yourself.


At the end, Zip utility are among one of the must common and used tools on a PC. You want to use the best and quickest out there, PeaZip is among one of them.



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