Personalization Gallery Launched with Tons of Themes, Gadgets, and High Resolution Wallpapers for Windows 7


Having a default wallpaper or theme on your computer is boring. What makes even worse is you keep that way for years to come spending many hours on your computer that doesn’t have its own personality.

So come on, the personalization features that come with Windows 7 are made for making your Windows 7 to be as individual and to reflect who you are. Now, adding to that is another new Personalization Gallery on Windows.come, launched on Oct 22nd.


As you can see, the Personalization Gallery includes 4 main categories, Windows 7 themes, Desktop backgrounds, Desktop gadgets, and Slideshow gadgets. Each category contains a lot of cool stuff for you to download for free, and a guide that helps you how to make one your own.

Really, Microsoft has made a huge effort working with other companies making them to offer their customers a branded experience on the desktop through Windows 7. To take advantage of that, all you need is just get on that and download whatever you like and will make your Windows 7 to reflect who you really are.





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