Pin Anything to Taskbar with Taskbar Pinner on Windows 7


Taskbar is a wonderful place for quick access but out of the box, you can only pin programs directly on it, though you have a number of ways to work around to make a folder show up there. Taskbar Pinner is a little free tool that overcomes this limitation to let you pin almost anything onto Taskbar without messing around the system.

Developed by WinAero, Taskbar Pinner pins not only files and folders, including virtual folders, but also control panel applet, including God Mode, drives as well. Almost any object you can think of. It’s free and portable. And it works only on Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

You can simply download, extract, and run the tool. The tool has a very simple user interface that only contains 4 options to allow you ping 4 kinds of objects to the Taskbar.

Taskbar Pinner

To pin an object, simply click one of the options, which opens up the File Open dialog box, select the object, and click Open button to pin the object onto the Taskbar. You will see the result immediately.

When you check the option “Explorer context menu”, it adds an “add to taskbar” items into the explorer context menu so that you can easily pin the object directly from the context menu without even opening the program.

Taskbar Pinner - context menu

Overall, it works quite smoothly. If you are on windows 7 and also love Taskbar, Taskbar Pinner could be a very useful add-on tools to let you make the most out of the Taskbar.




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