Play Cut the Rope for Free from Your IE 9 (Or any other HTML5 Supported Browser)


Cut the Rope was originally an iPhone game, it’s one of the all time most popular game on the mobile devices. And like the Angry Bird last year partner with Google Chrome, comes a web version of the game you can play for free.

Thanks to Microsoft, today at CES, Microsoft’s last keynote they have just announced the HTML5 version of the game Cut the Rope. Of course the game explores the possibility of a HTML 5 game in the purpose of pushing their HTML 5 supported browser for IE 9.

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 7.05.06 PM

So what kind web browser that are HTML 5 supported ?

Almost your current browser would do, as of last month, 90% of our reader users HTML 5 supported browser to access our site. The rest of the 10% user are majority using IE8 and a few still using IE7.

It’s a great game, check it out !

(Hint, if you are unable to play the game, that means you probably want to upgrade your browser !)



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