Play Your Own Music Anywhere on Any Devices with OneDrive and Groove Music


Thanks again to the deep integration between Groove music app and Windows 10 system. Now you can copy your own music files to OneDrive and then get access to them from any Windows 10 PC or device, or other platforms such as iOS, Android, using Groove Music. It works with any music you have within your possession, whether they are ripped from your own audio CDs, purchased from services like iTunes, or acquired from services like Groove Music Pass.

Assume you have a valid Microsoft Account already, all you need to do to get start with is simply copy your musics into Music folder in OneDrive. You don’t need to spend time organizing them there as the Groove Music app will take care of that for you. The screenshot below shows 5 music albums I copied into my Music folder in OneDrive.

One Drive Music folder
Music files in Music folder in OneDrive

The Groove Music app in my Windows 10 PC automatically picks them up and gets them all organized for you.

Groove Music on Windows 10
Groove Music app on Windows 10

They also nicely show up in Groove Music app on my iPhone as well.

Groove Music on iPhone
Groove Music on iPhone

Let’s take look if they are working on my Nexus 7 tablet. Sure it does.

2015-09-04 04.57.49
Groove Music app on Android

And of course, if you don’t have these devices handy and are only on a computer that has a web browser. Well, in that case, you can enjoy your music with Groove Music web app too.

Groove Music web app

Heck, it even works on Xbox Music app on Windows 8.1 computer or Windows Phone 8.1.

Xbox Music app on Windows 8

And what’s even better, you can get all these for free. Now if you are still using iTunes for your music sync after seeing this, you are so web 1.0 just like iTunes.

I am officially moving away from iTunes to warmly embrace Groove Music and OneDrive.



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