Port Windows 8 Task Manager Over on Windows 7 With DBCTaskman


The new Task Manager on Windows 8 is one of reasons that keeps people who use Windows 8 from going back to Windows 7. It brings some cool features with a better user interface that we don’t see previously on Windows 7, such as the grouped Process list, and the consolidated Performance tab.

But for those Windows 7 users, if you are attracted by the new look of the new Task Manager on Windows 8, you have the chance now seeing them on your Windows 7 machine as well. DBCTaskman is a free Task Manager replacement that brings the look of Windows 8 task manager to Windows 7 system. It’s a portable utility designed specifically for both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows 7 systems.

When it’s launched, it displays a list of applications that are currently running on your computer, just like the compact mode of Task Manager on Windows 8.

DBCTaskman - main window

Clicking on More Details button at the bottom of the window brings up the full mode of the task manager, with 5 tabs available , Processes, Performances, Users, Details, and Services. There are only 2 tabs missing, App History and Startup, comparing to the Window 8 version of Task Manager.

DBCTaskman - Processes tab

Same as Windows 8, Performances tab has 4 usage meters included, CPU, Memory, Disk, and Ethernet. You will find an Open Resource Monitor button at the bottom right next to Fewer Details button that opens the system built-in performance monitoring tool, Resource Monitor.

DBCTaskman - Performances tab

The other tabs, Users, Details, and Services, work the pretty much the same ways as on Windows 8. But when you right click on the items in Details tab, you do find the shortened version of context menu, comparing to the fairly long version on Windows 8.

DBCTaskman - Details tab


DBCTaskman is still a work-in-progress project that doesn’t even have a dedicated webpage for it. It’s currently just published as a forum post on Neowin.net website but I do hope the author of DBCTaskman can actively work on this project to include more features in it. I also do suggest moving towards as an open source project so that more developers out there can contribute to it.

Overall, porting over Windows 8 Task Manager to Windows 7 is an interesting good idea that gives Windows 7 users to enjoy some of the good features on Windows 8. DBCTaskman brings up the look and feel of Windows 8 task manager to Windows 7, but it’s time to bring over more features as well.



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