PowerCmd is A GUI Version of Command Prompt Tool


image thumb68 - PowerCmd is A GUI Version of Command Prompt Tool

PowerCmd is a better command prompt replacement tool that enhances your command prompt with an easy-to-use Windows GUI interface and allows you to run multiple command consoles simultaneously in a tab-based window.

Not only that, you can automatically save the output of the command prompts to the log files so you can easily retrieve them late on when needed.

image thumb69 - PowerCmd is A GUI Version of Command Prompt Tool

It also provides many other customize options, such as organize multiple consoles in many ways, search keywords, configure output fonts and colors, customize toolbar for frequently used commands or tools. And you can even save and restore your sessions from last time.

If you are a command line geek, you will probably like this tool. What I like it the most is that while I get a GUI on top of the command prompt window I still enjoy the the typing of command lines as much as you had before.

PowerCMD is completely free, better command prompt replacement that comes with many features that don’t exist in traditional command prompt window. I only wish they can offer a portable version so that I can include it in my USB toolbox.


  1. I am using FireCMD command shell. It is a cool cmd.exe replacement. It also has a console emulator environment which allows me to run, cmd.exe, powershell, cygwin, bash shell and all other command line apps in multi-tabbed GUI window. It also has a text editor. It has more features than Take Command and is not costly. Take Command is too expensive.


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