PowerToys’ New Toy – Color Picker


A tool like Pixie is very useful if you do things like web design or development. It’s free and portable. Simply run it, point to a color and it tells you the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK, and HSV values of that color. Simple and easy.

Now the resurrected PowerToys has a new toy, called ColorPicker, that does just like that.

If you haven’t, let’s update the PowerToy to the latest release, at least v0.20.1 from its Download and Release page first.

Then, open the PowerToy utility to enable it and sent the shortcut key combination, and start enjoying it.

image 3 600x341 - PowerToys' New Toy - Color Picker

To start the tool, simply press Win + Shift + C, a color platter appears right next to the mouse pointer showing the color value of the color where the mouse pointer is.

image 4 - PowerToys' New Toy - Color Picker

Left-click your mouse copies the value right into the clipboard so you don’t have to memorize the color value. By default, the HEX value will be copied but you can change that on the settings page. If you have Cloud Clipboard enabled, you can press Win + V to quickly check out.

What’s more, if you want to catch the thin area where it’s hard to pinpoint the exact spot, scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in and pick the color you want to copy.

image 5 - PowerToys' New Toy - Color Picker

To keep up what’s new in PowerToys, follow up its Github page.


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