Privacy Manager for Chrome


If you are a heavy Google Chrome user spending many hours a day online and are concerns about your own privacy while online, this Chrome Extension is made for you, much better than what Google offers in its Privacy Options.

Privacy Manager, available as a Google Chrome extension, offers a graphic easy-to-use user interface for user to easily manage their own privacy settings. When installed, the extension can be found as one of the icons listed in the top right corner, along side with Google Control (used to be a wrench). A single click of it brings down a list of switch options in two separate column, Privacy management and Clear on startup.

Chrome Extension - Privacy Manager

Some of the features that’s not included in Chromes include:

  • manage cookies in popup window.
  • have ability to always filter cookies list with active tab domain cookies.
  • manage network traffic in popup window

The extension can also clear up the data on startup, though all options are disabled by default. But this can be useful when cleaning up the old data is a must-done job every time when you fire up the browser.

Noticed the “Run in incognito mode” in the screenshot above? It opens up the url in the active tab in private mode (incognito). This could be quite handy.

Note that if you like this extension and want to use it, you will need to give it the rights to access your tabs and browsing activities, as well as the Privacy settings in the browser.



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