Process Explorer to Tell You If Your Running Apps Are Safe To Run And Virus Free


Process Explorer, one of the free tools from the well-known Sysinternals, recently got an update that scans all your running processes and shows the status if they are virus infected. It’s a great improvement that let’s you see if you have any running apps that are infected right in front of you. No more guess, no more digging. Thanks to

In case this is the first time you heard of this tool, Process Explorer is basically a portable system tool that picks what Windows Task Manager has left over. It not only displays a full list of processes that are running on your computer, but also reveals so much information about which handles and DLLs the processes have opened or loaded. The new added VirusTotal integration makes it an even better tool that every IT or power user should use.

To enable integration feature, simply open the program, got to Tools,, and select Check If this is the first time you are doing this, you will be taken to website and you will have to Ok to the agreement to use the service. Note that, the OK window may be hiding behind your browser so you can’t see it.

Process Explorer - Enable

Once it’s turned on, you will notice a new column called VirusTotal that lists the status of the virus check for all running processes and its dependent processes and DLLs. The tab could be way off to your left in the program window but you can drag to relocate it.

Process Explorer - Sysinternals_ [MHNETWORK_s184] - 2014-02-06 13_45_56

Clicking on the status link will take you straight to the VirusTotal scan result page, from which you can see more detailed analysis to the process you specifically selected.


With this new feature that integrates VirusTotal, Process Explorer is not only a tool made for troubleshooting, but also a security checking tool that can quickly point out what has run wrong on your computer.

P.S. the new System Information window in Process Explorer looks also improved a lot. It shows some usages in graph that you don’t see in Task Manager, such as I/O and GPU. Go to View and System Information and check it out yourself. Or take look the screenshot gallery below.


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