ProcessThreadsView Shows Detail Information About All Threads in a Process


ProcessThreadsView is a new utility from NirSoft that displays extensive details about all threads in a process that you choose. Windows Task Manager lists all processes that are currently running in the Processes tab but that doesn’t provide you information about the threads that belong to each process. Sometime you might need this information for troubleshooting purpose. And thanks to NirSoft kindly came up this tool that can solve this problem.

The threads information displayed for the chosen process include the ThreadID, Context Switches Count, Priority, Created Time, User/Kernel Time, Number of Windows, Window Title, Start Address, and more. Probably more than what you will need.

ProcessThreadsView is a portal free utility tool, just many others from NirSoft, that you can simply download and run without the installation process. When it’s launched, it first searches and lists all processes currently running on your system.


Pick one from the list and click OK, the threads involved in this process will be listed in the top portion of the program with the bottom showing the stack data for the particular threads highlighted.


Double-clicking on single thread shows the details in a popup window.


You can also suspend or resume one or more threads from the list.


ProcessThreadsView works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows system, including Windows 7.



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