Quick Search Tip: A Live Timer on Google


The place called Google is not only for search, but also for many other things as well, including this new live timer. Thanks, now I can have a live Timer inside my browser without any 3rd party tools or apps.

Let’s say I want to set a quick timer for 4 minutes, I can simply time “Timer 4 min” or “4 min timer” in Google search box or the address bar if you are using Chrome or IE when default search engine is set to Google.

timer 4 min - Google Search - 2014-02-17 10_49_01

What about seconds? No problem.

4 minute 5 seconds timer - Google Search - 2014-02-17 09_56_05

Not only can you stop, reset the timer, but also make it sound, if you have a speaker hooked up on your computer.

Heck, you can have it run in full screen mode, which is useful when you have a duel-monitor setup.

4 minute 5 seconds timer - Google Search - full screen

If you have Google app installed on your Windows 8 tablet and use it a lot, you can run this live timer on Google App directly as well, in full screen mode by default.

Timer on Google App on Windows 8

As for Bing, at the time when I was writing this post, it doesn’t offer a same live timer as Google does. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to have.



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