Resize Images in Windows 10 Inside Explorer


Resizing image has always been a problem in Windows OS, it lacks the support to resize image quickly. Fortunately, the popular tool ImageResizer started since Windows XP now has supported up to Windows 10.

Like it sounds, this tool lets you quickly resize a selection of multiple images at once. It’s was typically used in the past to compress photos to more manageable sizes for sharing via email (although that’s not necessary anymore since Windows Live Mail does this for you). Now, it’s more likely to be used to compress photos down for use on your web page or blog.

Simply download the installer and you will have the option to resize an image when you right click the image. You can also select multiple images and resize.

2019 05 23 1420 - Resize Images in Windows 10 Inside Explorer

You should see the new “Resize Pictures” option after you are done installing the application

2019 05 23 1418 - Resize Images in Windows 10 Inside Explorer

It has 4 different presents build in and of course, you can customize the size of the image by going to the advanced options.

2019 05 23 1418 001 - Resize Images in Windows 10 Inside Explorer

Under the Advanced Options you can tweak each preset to your liking or create additional size preset.

2019 05 23 1418 002 - Resize Images in Windows 10 Inside Explorer

By default it will keep JPEG to 90% quality level, if you don’t want to loss any quality during resizing the image you can change this to 100%. There are also options to pick different encoder.

2019 05 23 1418 003 - Resize Images in Windows 10 Inside Explorer

By default newly resized file will be appended with original filename and other size flag name. You can customize this to fit your workflow.

Download ImageResizer here


  1. Thank you so much! I can’t believe Microsoft is still in business; I also had to add the power toy for my Professional 32 bit as it does not come with it as it does for the home version??–unbelievable. (looking forward to Sergei Brin to make a good OS system to get rid of micro”pinheads”)

  2. Geez!!!! This app rocks…and for free!!! Thank you!
    It’s such a pain sometimes to run Photoshop and mess with the batch file reductions when I’m in a hurry to send out an email blast. This app makes the process thoughtless and painless. Many, many, many thanks!!!!


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