Quickly Turn Off Monitor, Works on both Laptop and Desktop [Tips]


Sometimes I just want to turn off my monitor but would still keep my PC running, perhaps it’s downloading stuff or playing music whatever it’s doing I don’t really need to “monitor” what’s going on. And would like to focus on other works that I don’t need a computer.

I guess for desktop is not a problem, just need to figure out where the physical button and all you need to do is the power it off. (assuming that you have a physical button, but recently more and more monitors comes with fancy controls that they made it very hard to use)

For laptops, things can be tricky. As of mine laptop, I have a Fn+F6 (functional key) that can enable me to turn it off the monitor, but for some other laptops like some Toshiba laptops, I just can’t find this button. So, in this case, how can I turn the monitor off?

Sure you can close the lid and set it not to go sleep, but what if I just want to keep the monitor the way it is. Well, there is a tool you can use.

It’s called “Monitor Off


This small utility offers some nice feature, such as set the hotkey to turn off the monitor or start up the screensaver.


Setup keyboard shortcut for turning off monitor


Countdown, you can change it to 0 that will shut it down immediately.


minimize to the system and you got those options.

Download Monitor Off here



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