Quickly Zoom-in and Out In Any Browses [Tips]


If you ever came across a website that have relative small text and you have no another alternative site to go visit, you can always zoom-in and enlarge the font of the text by holding Ctrl + Mouse Scroll up or if you are using keyboard hold Ctrl + ‘+’ (Control plus the + sign). To zoom out, just reverse the scroll or use Ctrl + ‘-‘ (Control with the minus sign) Note: this also enlarge the image, and also some video as well. (Will work in Youtube, vimeo and most flash based video site, however site like CNET TV, the Zoom in option will not effect the video screen size)

If you are a netbook user, and with limited screen size, its also help full to quickly zoom-in and out in the browser. Especially helpful when watching videos that do not have the full screen option.


80% Zoom out


120% Zoom in

This works on pretty much on all the browser, Firefox, IE, Chrome except Opera. Where in Opera the keyboard shortcut only works on Zoom out, the keyboard shortcut will not allow you to Zoom-in exceed 100%. However, in Opera holding the Ctrl + Mouse Scroll will do the trick.

Aside from the browser zoom-in, you can always use the Windows System Magnifier by Holding the Win + ‘+’ (Windows Key plus the Plus Key). This will bring up the Windows Magnifier. We’ve already covered few tips on Windows Magnifier click here to discover more tips on Windows Magnifier.


Another bonus tip by using the Ctrl + ‘+’ you can quickly resize icons in explorer in Windows 7 or Vista go here for more details.



  1. Don’t forget the ZoomIt.exe tool from SysInternals. It’s a tiny little app that gives you all sorts of zoom and draw powers for presentations. Really handy!


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