RDCMan 2.8 is Out


It’s been a long time and finally, the Microsoft version of Remote Desktop Connection Manager gets a new update. I couldn’t wait and give it a try real quick but was disappointed that there are many new things to see.

RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections, not only servers but workstations as well. Connections can be managed in groups so they can all be sharing the same login settings from a parent group or a credential store. This can be very beneficial because when you change your password you just need to change the password stored in RDCMan.

image 10 600x363 - RDCMan 2.8 is Out

There are also smart groups that get populated dynamically based on a set of rules. Go to Edit and choose to Add smart group…

image 11 - RDCMan 2.8 is Out

To import the list of computers, prepare a text file with one server name per line format first and go to Edit > Import servers.

All settings you find in standalone Remote Desktop Client are available in RDCMan, including all local resources sharing as well as support for RD Gateway.

The display size in this version of RDCMan does support your window size automatically, which is very nice. But I do find it’s not smart-size enough, meaning that if I resize the RDCMan main window, I will have to reconnect the connections to get the RDP size auto-fit.

Overall, it has some improvement that you can see from this latest release. However, it doesn’t seem to offer enough for me to switch over. I am currently using Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Free version. It’s free and it has everything I need for a remote connection manager.


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