Real Network Monitor


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Real Network Monitor is a free network monitoring tool that monitors your local network activities in real time. It reads all data from almost all kinds of network adaptors, whether it’s a LAN, or WiFi, or Bluetooth. As long as it’s part of the network, it can read it. The main program screen is divided by two sections, while the one on the left shows the summery of the particular network adaptor, the one on the right shows off the details what’s going on through it.

You can also run a benchmark test to check how fast your Internet speed is through Speed Test from the toolbar. Select one of the 3 options to start with, and the results will be back in about a couple seconds.

image thumb59 - Real Network Monitor

You can also see the detail properties of the network adaptors on your computer, such as the IP address, DNS, etc.. Just go to Options, and choose Interface Properties.

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Real Network Monitor is developed by Josh cell Softwares, the same guy who developed WinUSB. It comes with both Installation and portable versions, which work just the same. The Portable version of any kind of tools is always more than welcomed.

Real Network Monitor is compatible with Windows XP and above, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.


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