Reboot-To Boot To The Different OS Directly From The Desktop


If you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer, you will have to choose the one you want to boot to from a boot menu set up by the system every time you restarts your computer. It’s not a big deal but it would be cool if I can choose where I want to boot to next time right from the desktop.

Reboot-To is one such tool that lets you pick and boot to the different operating system without going through the boot menu. For example, when I am on Windows 8 and would like to boot to Windows 7 when the system restarts, with Reboot-To, I can go to the System Tray, right-click Reboot-To’s icon and choose Windows 7 from the menu. And when I am ready to restart the computer, I can just reboot and it will take me straight to Windows 7 without me going through the boot menu.

Reboot To main screen - Reboot-To Boot To The Different OS Directly From The Desktop

Noticed that you can also choose to boot to the Memory Diagnostics Tool as well.

You can also have a few options to set how you want the tool to work, Start with Windows, Reboot on Selection, or Auto Check Updates.

Reboot To Options - Reboot-To Boot To The Different OS Directly From The Desktop

You will also have to install Reboot-To on all operating systems you have installed on your computer in order to have this boot straight from desktop feature and skip to boot menu.

Reboot-To works on Windows Vista and above, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported. It was developed by Sysfunctions but you will find it’s extremely difficult to download this free utility straight from their website. It’s free but you will still have to go through the normal checkout process in order to download it, just like you are buying a paid product from them. However, you can use this alternative download link from this page.

/source: Reboot-To/



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