Recovery of Lost Contacts from iPhone after an iOS7 Upgrade


The user loses all contacts after an upgrading to iOS7 for the iPhone. There can be five such reasons for data loss from iPhone such as:

Upgrade to iOS7

After the update to the iOS7, a prompt from iPhone appears asking for working with iCloud and sync of all data like notes, calendars and contacts. If the users have not synced iPhone contacts to iCloud, they will find that the phones address book does not contain iPhone contacts.

Resetting iPhone

The cold start or the resetting of the iPhone should be one of the last options for the users. The phone should be restarted. This can only be practiced when the iPhone is either unresponsive or frozen. A resetting might be the reason for loss of contacts.

iPhone Restarted automatically

This happens with the older models like 3GS, which sometimes restarts randomly. There can be loss of iPhone data along with other Phone data.

The iPhone Jailbreak

The iPhone contacts can be lost for the situation of iPhone is Jailbroken. The modification and the tweaking of the iOS devices often cause unexpected results for the iPhone and its data. If the user is on the Jailbroken phone, a safe backup of the iPhone contacts with the CopyTrans Contacts has to be kept.

Unknown Reasons

Sometimes the reasons for the disappearance cannot be tracked.


A Quickfix Solution when the iPhone Contacts are Lost

Sometimes the Quickfix can bring back the iPhone Contacts, when they disappear suddenly. We need to turn off and be back on iCloud Contact Sync. The user needs to navigate to carry out the following steps.

Settings -> iCloud and the contact switch must be toggled from ON to OFF and then put on ON again.

iPhone Contacts can be rescued with iCloud

If there was a sync with iCloud already, then all the iPhone contacts will exist in the iCloud Accounts. We can log in to the iCloud with the help of a web browser on the PC.

The iPhone is synchronized with the iCloud contacts

The user need to navigate to Settings > iCloud and the Contacts switch has to be turned on, load the contacts in the iCloud account to the iPhone.

The iCloud contacts are exported and then imported to the phone memory

All iCloud contacts are selected on pressing CTRL + A. Next the iCloud Contacts are exported, with the help of clicking of a cogwheel and on the selection of “Export Vcard”. The contacts will be exported to a single vCard (.VCF) file.

The CopyTrans Contacts will be used for importing the Vcard File to the iPhone.

The iPhone Message App can be used for the salvaging of contacts

The iPhone Message App can be used for the creation of a new message and then the phone number or the name of the contact, which needs to be recovered, and a new contact entry can be created. Thus we can recreate the phone numbers and the names of all those people, recently contacted.

Syncing the Twitter and the Facebook Contacts with the iPhone Contacts

If none of the above solutions mentioned above works out, then we will have to try this option of recovering some contacts through the syncing of details of the Twitter followers and the friends on the Facebook.

We need to navigate to:

Settings > Facebook (or Twitter) and login using the Facebook or Twitter credentials. Next, the Contacts switch is put ON.

Recovery of lost iPhone Contacts by the iTunes

The recovery with iTunes happens by two methods. These are:

With the help of extracted iTunes Backup

This can be done with the help of iTunes. It is advisable to the user not to connect or sync to iTunes, after the contacts are lost. This is done, because of the reason that the backup file is prevented from being updated and are replaced by the current contacts on the iPhone. First, of all we need to scan the backup file for the concerned iPhone. The scanning will recover all the contacts. The preview option can let the user to view all the contacts, with the exception of the video files. The contents are then recovered and saved on the user’s computer.

Direct Scan and Recover Contacts on iPhone

iOS Home Screen

The iPhone is connected with the computer and then the program is run after installation and downloading. We can start the devices scanning mode and start scanning the deleted contacts. All the data can be previewed before the recovery option. The recovered files are saved on the computer.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iOS is a professional software targeted for the users who have lost the iPhone contacts. It can also help to recover data from iTunes Backup files. It recovers the messages, contacts, history of all the calls made, reminders, calendars and notes.


The recovery of the deleted iMessages is particularly important because of the critical nature of the personal and the business contacts, leading to huge losses, if not recovered properly. The files can be recovered by this software, which are lost due to any reason. The default web browser on the iPhone, called ‘Safari ‘ can also be recovered. The bookmarks to the web addresses by the user, if lost, all of a sudden can generate a sense of loss for the user.


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