Reeder for Windows (Well Sort of)


Reeder is one of the popular RSS reader for iOS and Mac. It offers a neat and elegant interface makes navigating and consuming your RSS feed more enjoyable. Rather than say “Reeder for Windows” it would be more accurate to say “Reeder for Chrome”. PC users can now get a chance to experience “Reeder” from their Chrome browser. DazChong the developer of the unoffical Reeder for Chrome, has ported over the Macintosh native app into a web app. The only requirements are a chrome browser and a Google Reader account.


Looks pretty neat right ? Indeed, they did make this web app (extension) feel more like the original native app. All you need to do is download this Chrome extension, and then head to the Google reader URL. All of the sudden, your Google Reader will have a new skin.

Since the release of the first version, there have been rapid improvements over the last few days. New features are being added, bug fixes are getting resolved.


Like any other extensions, you can manage them by going to


Inside your chrome browser to enable/disable all the extensions.

For more info, check out their tumblr blog post on each new version updates.

Bonus, for those made this far into the post ! Press the keyboard shortcut “J” to navigate to the next post, press “K” to go back to the previous post.




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