Running Out of Disk Space On Your Primary Hard Drive in Windows 7 ?


If you have multiple hard drives, chances are you might be running out of disk space on one hard drive and would like to move all the large files onto anther when it happens.

There are plenty of ways to do this, the simplest is to just copy and past the files. But there is one limitation, you can’t copy and past software program files that easily. Your program won’t work if you do that. Either you have to re-install the software again or find another way to move the already installed programs from one partition onto another.

Luckily, there is a program, Steam Mover, that can move your already installed software from one partition to another partition. So in case if you are running out of disk space on your primary hard drive, you can use that to unload some heavy weight onto your secondary partition or hard drive.

Steam Mover, was initially designed for moving games in Steam. So if you are a hardcore PC gamer, you might heard of this. However, thanks to one of the Intern working for lifehacker, this tool actually do work for other programs other than steam games.

How Does Steam Mover work ?

First there are couple limitations, this tool will only work on Windows 7 or Vista. It will not work on XP. And this tool will not work on the OS that have hard drive formatted in FAT32. Also note, it might not work for all programs, which means unexpected things can happen and program might not be functional after the move.

You can start by download the Steam Mover

Unzip and run the program.


Select the programs you want to move from one hard drive (on the left) and select the destination location on the right.

Once you have confirmed click on the arrow of the program which you would like to move.


Once its finished moving the programs on your source now has a shortcut, and you will find new folders be added on your new destination.


Last thing, test it once the programs are moved! Nothing is more awful than finding out that your program has stopped working after the migration. For the couple of programs that I’ve tired, all worked quite well.

Download the Steam Mover



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