Schedule, Undo, Delay Your Send Email in Outlook with Mañana Mail


Outlook has been the best email client in an Exchange environment but there are two things I’ve always been wishing to have: send email in schedule and delay the send process. And I am still wishing that one day Microsoft can understand this and add these very two important features in a version of Outlook. But someone from Microsoft Research decided to not wait and came up an Outlook add-in that did exactly what I have been waiting for.

Mañana Mail is a free Outlook add-in by Microsoft Research that lets you schedule an email being sent at certain time, and gives you about 10 seconds to undo any sending.


Just download a zipped installation file from its download page, run Setup.exe in the package, restart Outlook once it’s finished.

Manana Mail - installation

How to send email in schedule

Mañana Mail sends you an instruction email in your inbox when you open it up next time after you installed this add-in. You will also notice a Send at 9:00am button in your email composer.

Mañana Mail - send button

Yes, by default, with this Send at 9:00am button, you can schedule all your emails being sent at 9:00am sharp without your Outlook even running. But if you wish to change, you can go to File → Options → Add-Ins in your Outlook,

Mañana Mail - Outlook Option

highlight Mañana Mail add-in, and click Add-in Options. Then you can change the time there.

Mañana Mail - outlook add-in options


Undo send email

Mañana Mail also automatically delays any emails being sent out about 10 seconds, that includes any email sent by both the default Send button and Send at 9:00am button. During that 10 seconds of time, you have the options either undo your send action or re-schedule it at 9:00am.

Mañana Mail - delay sending


One word: must-have. If you are using Outlook in an Exchange environment, this is a must-have add-in you must have it installed. It’s going to save you many times down the road.

The only question is: why add-in? It should be a feature out of the box.




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