Screenshot Captor


You can already press that PrtScr (Print Screen) key on your keyboard to copy the entire desktop into the clipboard, or Alt+PrtScr to capture the current active Window. But that’s not enough for us in most of the time. We actually need a lot more from it. And that’s why when it comes to screen capturing the 3rd party tool wins pretty much all the time.


Screenshot Captor is one of them that is free and offers a whole lot more features when dealing with capturing the screen. It offers 5 capture modes, from multimon to Windows objects, with each assigned a hotkey for easy access, which covers pretty much all your needs to capture what you intent to capture.

It’s also got a full application window from where you can edit your captured screen to add further details like notes, boxes, arrows to provide more details to it. You can set up so that every time after you captured a screen it opens the full window with the captured screen in it.

You can also save the modified captured screen as an image in a variety of formats, as well as a thumbnail of that image of portion of it.

The latest release, which only released a few days ago, added 3 new features, one of them can perfectly capture the unique Windows 7 partial transparency effects. That’s a feature that many other tools are missing.

Screehshot Captor is again a Free tool for personal use only. You can get a free and permanent license key to register your own copy. And if you like what it offers and wish to keep it as an active project, maybe donating a few bucks from your daily coffee cup would be greatly appreciated from the author. But that’s not an obligation whatsoever.



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