SecurAble Tells What Security Features in Windows 7 are Available on your Computer [Tools]

  • Is my computer capable of 64-bit Windows 7?
  • Does my computer have the hardware Data Execution Prevention (DEP) built-in?
  • Can I run Windows XP mode on my Windows 7?

If you are uncertain any one of these, tool SecurAble from Gibson Research Corp can help you out.

It’s a free tool that probes the system’s processor to determine the presence, absence and operational status of three modern processor features, 64-bit, Hardware D.E.P., and Virtualization.

It’s a self-executable file that doesn’t need to be installed on your system, perfectly adding on to your portable toolbox. Simply download the file from the SecurAble home page, and launch it.

First, you will get a UAC warning message, click Yes to continue.

And then the application probes the system processor, when it’s done, it provides a simple report window, in which clicking each of the categories will bring you more detailed information.





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