Secure Your Wi-Fi Network with Wi-Fi Protector


Accessing public Wi-Fi has become a trend on your day to day life. No matter where you go, it’s not difficult finding a place that is wired to get you easily and freely to the Internet. But one thing you never know is how safe and secure it is. It’s actually your own responsibility to keep your data and privacy safe while using the free public Wi-Fi service. If you ever worried, this little free utility will get you a rest assured, worry-free internet surfing, even on a public unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Protector is a network security utility designed to protect you from being exposed to privacy breaches and identity theft when using a poor secured Wi-Fi network. It’s a powerful security software package powered by three protections in one: Intrusion detection, Wi-Fi security settings scan, and VPN protection.

Wifi Protector main window thumb - Secure Your Wi-Fi Network with Wi-Fi Protector

When Wi-Fi Protector is launched, it automatically scans the Wi-Fi network you are currently connecting or  have connected, and analysis it to alert you whether a link is secured or not. And you can see the detail information about a specific Wi-Fi network if you want to. Just click that blue background “…” button on each network.

WifiProtector Security Information thumb - Secure Your Wi-Fi Network with Wi-Fi Protector

If you are on a securely protected Wi-Fi network, you probably don’t need to worry about too much. You’ve been already well protected. But when you find out you have to use an unsecured network, you can start off the VPN protection, if you are not authorized to enhance the Wi-Fi device. And just click the green “Start VPN Protection” in the program. The secured VPN connection will be established in a minute. You will be informed that you are protected once the connection is up.

WifiProtector VPN protected thumb - Secure Your Wi-Fi Network with Wi-Fi Protector

A webpage will also pop up stating that the protection status is Enabled with new IP address assigned by the VPN server.

The Wi-Fi Protector VPN uses OpenVPN technology which is the most secure VPN protocol available on the market today. Unlike other VPN products, Wi-Fi Protector offers VPN protection completely free. It also offers “automatic protection mode” within the tool that makes a lot easier to the end users.

Because it uses OpenVPN service, a VPN driver will be installed during the installation process. When you see the following window popping up, make sure click Install to have the proper driver installed in order to use the VPN protection.

WifiProtector Installing OpenVPN thumb - Secure Your Wi-Fi Network with Wi-Fi Protector

Overall, Wi-Fi Protector is a nice little tool that offers a very powerful protection to your Windows computers. It’s definitely a must-have for a laptop user who’s on the road a lot. And it’s very easy to use and manage.

Wi-Fi Protector provides 2 different versions, the basic version which is completely free supported by unobtrusive advertising, and the full version which basically is a monthly subscription service offering faster browsing and no ad interruptions. It works on all versions of Windows, from XP up to Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

What I want more from it is a mobile version that works for iOS and Android devices, though I could just use OpenVPN apps.




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