Sharing the Long Wi-Fi WPA Password Key The Easy Way


We’ve been told that to keep our Wi-Fi safe we need to use either WPA or WPA2 with strong key phrase to secure our Wi-Fi access. But there is a problem when using a complex key phrase like this:


How am I supposed to type into my iPhone to connect to my Wi-Fi? or how can I share this gibberish with my friends when they visit us but need access to Internet?

This has been bothering me. Is there an easy way?

What about putting QR code in use? Thanks to I Love Software for the inspiring idea.

Go to this website, click WiFi button, put in all your Wi-Fi detail, and hit Generate button. And here you go, you will have a customized QR code containing all your Wi-Fi info in it within a second.

QRZilla - Wi-Fi QR

Now, print off the QR code and share it whenever you need to.

For iPhone friends, they can easily use an QR scan app like QRReader to scan the code and copy the SSID and Key to their Wi-Fi setting so they can connect their iPhone to your Wi-Fi without typing in a single code.

QRReader - sharing Wi-Fi

For Microsoft Surface or Windows 8 Tablet users, Scan – QR Code seems to be an OK one to scan and get the code. It’s not as sleek as QRRead on iPhone but does get the job done. It’s a free native Windows 8 App so you can download and install it on your tablet. Just search for the name in Windows Store and you should be able to find it.

Scan - QR Code - Sharing Wi-Fi

That’s in deed a heck of good use of QR code for sharing complicate stuff like a WPA code. Do you have other good ideas to share?



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