Showing Classic Arts in Every Chrome New Tab


Google released a beautiful extension that injects some classic works of art from their Art Project into Chrome’s ultra plain new tab screen. Instead of seeing a while background plain page every time you open a new tab, you see something like this:

New Tab with Google Art Project - 2015-03-12 10_01_38

If this is something you will enjoy, head over to Google Art Project extension page and add it into your Chrome as a new extension. Once installed, you will have options turning on or off Top Sites, Default new Tab, or Apps button to get access to the feature existed in the default new tab. And you can do so by right-clicking Google Art Project extension’s icon.

Google Art Project Extension Options

If you are more interested in seeing the planet we are living in than a piece of art, Google has another extension called Earth View for you. It displays a beautiful and unique Satellite image from Google Maps every time you open a new tab. You can click the Globe icon in the lower right corner to launch the current view in Google Maps.

New Tab - Google Earth View - 2015-03-12 10_19_03

Once installed and enabled, both extensions from Google will be taking over the On startup setting in Chrome. You may get a warning message when first installed asking the permission to keep this change or reverse back to the default. Click on Keep Settings if you happen to see one.

Chrome Settings - 2015-03-12 10_22_24



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