Showing the History of Wireless Network Connections on Your Computer


WifiHistoryView is a new tool released by NirSoft that displays the history of connections to wireless networks on your computer. For every event that the computer connected to a wireless network or disconnected from it, the following information is displayed:

  • the date/time that the event occurred,
  • the network name (SSID),
  • the profile name,
  • the network adapter name,
  • BSSID of the router/Access Point,
  • and more…

WifiHistoryView-2016-01-14 22_40_36

Just like any other NirSoft tools, WifiHistoryView is free and portable. Just download and run, no installation involved. If you are running a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer, you may get this SmartScreen warning prompt because the tool wasn’t officially digital signed. Simply click Run anyway button to move forward.

SmartScreen Warning

Behind the scene,  WifiHistoryView loads the Wifi history information from the ‘Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig/Operational‘ event log of Windows, which can be viewed directly in Event Viewer. The tool can read the log information from a running system or through an external file obtained from another computer. The actual event log is usually stored in the following file:


As always, it also can be launched as a command-line tool with a set of options for saving the result to a file.



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