Simple File Lister is A GUI version of Dir Command for Windows


If you often need to get a list of files in a certain folder and subfolders under it, you may find this tool useful. At least, it may save a few minutes of your time getting a list of the files you are looking for.

Simple File Lister is a little tool that can easily list any files from any given directory recursively with an output format in CSV. It provides a few-click operation with over 200+ file attributes to retrieve. And it’s Free.

To get it work, you need to download and install it first on your computer. Then you can either use its GUI interface to output a list of files from specified folder.


Or navigate the folder and right click it and send to Simple File Lister from the context menu.


The latter of course works the best, since it automatically generates the list without even opening the program.

The tool comes with 3 pre-configured templates, which you can use as a base file to customize one for you own. And that’s how you define which attributes you want to see and what format of the output you want to save.


It’s certainly not a can’t-live-without tool if DIR command works for you most of the time but it certainly is going to help those who often do the list tasks save tons of time.



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