Simple Program Debugger


SimpleProgramDebugger, as its name implies, is a free simple Windows debugging tool that attaches to any currently running program or starts a new program in debug mode, and then displays all major debugging events that occurred while the program is running. The information collected by SimpleProgramDebugger includes Exception, Create Thread, Create Process, Exit Thread, Exit Process, Load DLL, Unload Dll, and Debug String, and they can be easily exported into comma-delimited/tab-delimited/xml/html file or copied into clipboard and then pasted into any other notes taking programs.

The tool is complete free and portable, meaning you can take and use it on any computer without installing it. It works on any version of Windows , from XP and all the way up to Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

Once the tool is fired up, click one of the two green play buttons on the toolbar to start, one on the left is to attach a running program and one on the right is to start a new program.

SimpleProgramDebugger - start buttons

I selected one of the Chrome processes from the process list window, and this is what shows up.

SimpleProgramDebugger - 2014-01-30 16_16_32

Then I can select one or more events listed in the program and use Save Selected Items feature to export them into another text format, CSV, HTML, or XML.

SimpleProgramDebugger is definitely not for everyone but is a good addition adding to your toolbox for those tech persons who doing computer troubleshooting or fixing for living.



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