SimpleSysInfo Reveals Your Windows 7 System Info in Great Detail


The old school SystemInfo command from the system is pretty much all you need if you want to know what’s on your computer. But if you need something that can do the similar thing in a little bit more fashion way, SimpleSysInfo is yet another great little tool you can try.

Created by Emiel Wieldraaijer, SimpleSysInfo is a portable tool that does nothing else but simply retrieves information from your computer and send them in various format to any where you want. It scans your computer and retrieves information like Operating System, system mother board, NIC, Video card, Memory, etc. about your computer, and display them in a tabbed window.


Did you notice that it also retrieved the key code of my Windows 7, even though I masked it up? It also retrieved my Office key code. But you can hide these information out if you don’t want them show up in the report.


You can also export those information in various format, HTML, image, or xml, and either send them in email or print them off on the hard copy.



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