SkyDrive Web Client Now Supports Drag and Drop File Upload


When you want to upload files to SkeyDrive from a computer that doesn’t have SkyDrive client installed or integrated, you will need its web client to upload files from. Now with the latest update, you can easily drag the files and drop them to SkyDrive webpage and watch them upload. And it’s quite nicely done and seamless.

SkyDrive - drag drop to upload

You can actually do more while you are on SkyDrive web client. Right-click to any of the files there, you get a list of things you can do with it, Open, Download, Share, Rename, Move, Delete. Heck, you can even do simple editing like Rotate.

SkyDrive Right-Click Context Menu

You can select multiple files or folders and do a bulk change if you want, such as Download, Share, Move, Copy, or Delete.

SkyDrive - mulitple selection

When doing the sharing, you have options to invite people, publish to Facebook, or simple get a link.

SkyDrive - Share - Invite People

When getting a link, you can set one of the 3 options on the files you share, either View-Only, Edit, or Public.

SkyDrive - Share - Get a Link

Do you know you can even embed a file to your blog or webpage right from SkyDrive’s web client? Simply right-click to the file and choose Embed. Then click the Generate button to get the code. You can also embed a folder as well, which isn’t recommended because you may expose the files you want to keep private.

SkyDrive - Embed



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