SlimCleaner is CCleaner on Steroid


CCleaner is probably the most popular PC maintenance tool out there. There are lighter utilities that can clean the system garbage files, if that’s not enough, you should try the SlimCleaner. It’s the CCleaner on steroid. It has almost all the features CCleaner offers, and it does more.

know what to uninstall thumb - SlimCleaner is CCleaner on Steroid

The most neat feature that I found will be useful for none tech users to maintain their computer is the uninstaller section. It not only launch the uninstaller for any installed applications. It also gives you a visual metric on the particular software how well it rates amount it’s community, it also show user a brief blur (more info) of the description of the software. So for people that doesn’t have a lot knowledge about computers this is an easy way to identify which application that are crapware, unnecessary or can be deleted.

analyize thumb - SlimCleaner is CCleaner on Steroid

SlimCleaner, of course the main feature is to clean out the garbage files, like CCleaner you can first analyze how large the files will be before deleting those cache files. But it shows you more on each program’s cache, file size, file numbers.

optmize thumb - SlimCleaner is CCleaner on Steroid

The optimize tab, is more like the msconfig in a prettier UI. Again, here you can remove any application from startup to speed up the process. Same as the uninstaller section, where you can view how well each application’s rating in the community.

Overall, SlimCleaner is a nice addition ontop of what CCleaner already offers. Give it a try and you might find it to be useful.


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