Smart PC Locker Pro Completely Locks Your PC With Task Manager Disabled


Smart PC Locker Pro is a free lightweight yet powerful application that locks your computer and all its functions so that no one else could gain access your personal data. You can now move away from your computer safely with Smart PC Locker guarding your data. It doesn’t only locks your entire system but also disables the task manager as well as all CD-Rom drives.


When locking your computer, you have the choice of assigning a password to unlock. That adds another layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.


There are quite a few options available. You can choose to start the program automatically when Windows starts, or start the program and lock the screen right away. You can also set so that the program auto-locks system after number of minutes of inactivity, or power off monitor once locked. You can even set to shutdown the computer automatically after number of invalid password attempts.

To allow you to indicate whether your screen and computer is locked by Windows or Smart PC Locker, you can select a custom wallpaper when computer locked from setting tab.


By default, when computer is locked, both CD-Rom drivers and Task Manager will also be disabled. Unless you choose otherwise from Advanced tab.


At last, how a locking program can be effectively used without a hotkey assigned

Smart PC Locker Pro also provides a portable version that doesn’t require installation and works exactly the same as the installation version. It works on all Windows versions, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

And of course, you can always use Win+L to quickly lock your Windows but this Locker seems to provide more locking features that Win+L simply don’t have.



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