Snap Window to Grid with Gridy


Gridy is an interesting litte tool that adds an invisible grid to Windows so that any window you move or resize will always snap to it. Just like grids you have seen in many photo editing tools.

When Gridy is running, it enables mouse, keyboard and arrow keys to move or resize the window according to the grid it has put in place, though invisiblely. Gridy also lets you store window’s size and position in up to 9 slots so that you can quickly rearrange your windows in a very convenient way. It could be quite handy.

Not only that, Gridy also include some other cool features like:

  • Make window transparent
  • Hide the Windows Alt-Tab icon
  • Set window to be always on top
  • Resize to a predefined size of your choice
  • Minimize all windows but the active one

And you can make all these changes by right-clicking the Gridy icon in the System Tray.

Gridy settings - Snap Window to Grid with Gridy

It also assigned a bunch of keyboard hot keys to let you easily operate the window with these features. Such as, you can press Win + PgDn to minimize all windows except the active window, or Win+Shift+Home to store the size of active window and Win+Home to resize the active window to the restored size, or Win+F12 to make the active window Always on Top, etc. etc. You can double click the Gridy icon from System Try to view the whole list of keyboard shortcuts that are available for you.

Gridy Help - Snap Window to Grid with Gridy

Gridy is completely free with a portable version that doesn’t require installation. It works on all Windows versions, from XP to Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.



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