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FeedDemon_dock_icon_by_15judges I’ve always looking for an RSS reader that can saves image when goes offline. Yes Google Reader with Gear installed can go offline, but they don’t support saving image, and what’s the point of reading blog posts when they don’t even have images saved? What’s happen is most of the time you either don’t get what they talking about or just not care of offline reading.

For me I still carry my laptop around, on the road there is no WIFI and reading saved RSS with images will help me use those time more wisely.

FeedDemo is a great RSS Reader that does the job and it’s FREE. It syncs with your Google Reader, and other RSS subscription services. Nice clean layout, and the biggest feature is it supports fetch images for each posts as long as they are less than 999Kb in total size.


To enable offline reading with image saved, just go to File > Prefetch Items for Offline Reading …


You got few more options that ask you what kind prefetch you want it to save.


Further more, what’s nice is that you got the option to choose which category of the feed you want to save for offline reading. (assuming you have categorize those feed ahead of the time, if not you can still choose individually which website you want to save it)


The last but not the lest, you get option limit the prefetching item size. While keep in mind that there is a limit for 999kb for each items, which means for some posts contains lots of images that still might not save it all, and it will skip of they are over 1MB. But that’s pretty much it. Other than that it’s a great RSS reader.


I’ve been using for few weeks now and its great.

Some of the new and enhanced features:

  • Google Reader sync – Use FeedDemon at home, at your office, or anywhere you go and keep your feeds, tags and shared items synched between locations.
  • Redesigned UI including new “Subscriptions Home” page with popular videos and articles extracted from your feeds
  • Tagging and tag cloud on Subscriptions Home page.
  • Easy item sharing – let others enjoy your favorite articles with just a click.
  • Enhanced Twitter feed reading with automatic hyperlinks and short URL expansion view.

Download FeeDemon now



  1. I have the same need too! I carry my computer everywhere while I travel and being able to view stuff offline is so important. I used to use feeddemon a lot but have switched to eSobi because it integrates podcast player/receiver and a nice little search tool for web surfing. I can read news offline and enjoy podcast offline as well. The price is not that bad since I own an Acer computer and the upgrade is quite easy and reasonable.


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